In today’s competitive landscape, talent acquisition (TA) is more challenging than ever, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). The hunt for the right talent is intense, and retaining that talent is equally difficult. As the saying goes, “ironically, we have the highest attrition in the HR department.” This underscores the critical need to engage, energize, and empower your HR team for success. This article delves into strategic initiatives tailored for your TA team, enabling them to contribute significantly to organizational success beyond traditional candidate sourcing and screening.

1.      Effective Planning & Forecasting

Collaboration between the TA team, business units, and hiring managers is pivotal. By understanding the future business pipeline and skill requirements, your TA team can design a talent strategy aligned with the organization’s quality and volume needs.

2.      Building the Talent Pool

Proactive identification and engagement of high-potential candidates, along with cultivating relationships within key talent pools, are essential. Exploring innovative sourcing channels and strategies will help your TA team access the best-suited candidates.

3.      Enhancing Employer Branding & Candidate Experience

Leveraging insights from candidate behaviour, responses, and feedback, your TA team can enhance employer branding in collaboration with marketing and other HR departments. This will optimize brand messages, career websites, and streamline the candidate journey from application to onboarding.

4.      Leveraging Data Analytics & Reporting

Uncovering valuable insights from data can make the recruitment engine more efficient and predictable. Tracking key metrics empowers the TA team to strategize recruitment processes, determine resource requirements, assess achievable goals, identify support needs, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

5.      Skill Development & Training

Investing in training programs and professional development equips your TA team with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. This enables them to bring innovative insights and strategies to the table.

Consider partnering with Synoris to outsource regular hiring tasks. This strategic move can free up valuable bandwidth within your TA team, allowing them to focus on these crucial initiatives. Engage in a dialogue with our HR experts to gain deeper insights into implementing these strategies effectively.

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Empower your TA team to transform the way you acquire and retain talent, propelling your MSME organization to new heights of success.

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Nilangini is an accomplished Human Resource professional with over 30 years of cross-functional experience in the IT industry. With expertise in leadership development, cross-functional collaboration, and HR process improvement, she is passionate about scaling organizations and building high-performance teams. Her extensive background in strategic HR, talent development, and recruitment allows her to be a true partner to businesses.

Nilangini is passionate about helping people grow and be empowered.



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