CMS – SharePoint Migration



July 31, 2023
01. Business Need
The goal of this project was to migrate 9 sites with more than 2000 static & dynamic content built over CMS 2002 to SharePoint 2010.
02. Challenges
  • CMS 2002 was no more supported by Microsoft.
  • Reduce customizations.
  • Very limited/almost no vendor available for support.
  • Maintaining sites were cumbersome due to lack of resources.
  • Technical upgrade was required to meet changing IT environment.
03. Solution
  • Used 7-steps SharePoint migration framework.
  • Consolidated separate websites into SharePoint based CMS by consolidating design using Master pages / Page layout and themes.
  • Enhanced user content editing experience using custom content styles.
  • Reduced custom components to just 2 from overall 15. This would help future migration and better solution maintenance.
04. Benefits
  • Reduced existing content.
  • Migrated most of custom controls to OOB features.
  • Standardized all website into single framework.
  • Enhanced support for latest browsers.